2024 Kite Camp


Breeze Surf Club Beginner/Intermediate Kitesurfing Camp Packages:
Hey, thrill-seekers and eco-friendly wind & water sport enthusiasts! Ready to dive headfirst into the wild and wonderful world of kitesurfing? Our kitesurfing clinic packages are like the VIP pass for absolute newbies. Zero-knowledge? No problem! We have the perfect blend of breezy fun and wave-taming wizardry to kickstart your kitesurfing adventure.

Beginner to Confident Rider - from zero knowledge of kitesurfing, you learn safety, basic kite control, power simulation, onboard riding and tweaks to help you gain confidence.

  1. Expert Instruction: Learn from the best! Our instructors are not only seasoned kitesurfers but also local riders who live and breathe the kitesurfing lifestyle on Koh Phangan. Benefit from their insider knowledge and passion for the sport as they patiently and enthusiastically guide you through the fundamentals.
  2. Safe Learning Environment: Our spot boasts flat, safe waters, providing the ideal setting for beginners to build confidence and master the basics. With expansive riding areas, you'll have ample space to practice and progress at your own pace.
  3. Rapid Progression: Experience quick and tangible progress in your kitesurfing skills. Our carefully crafted curriculum ensures you grasp the fundamentals swiftly, setting the stage for an exciting journey into this dynamic water sport.
  4. Community Integration: Join the vibrant kitesurfing community on Koh Phangan. As you learn and progress, you'll become part of a supportive network of fellow enthusiasts, creating lasting connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion.
  5. Maximum Fun: Learning doesn't have to be all serious! Our clinics are designed to be enjoyable and entertaining. Expect laughter, camaraderie, and a sense of accomplishment as you conquer each milestone in your kitesurfing journey.

Intermediate Skills and Tricks Camp - For the seasoned kitesurfer looking to elevate their riding to new heights, our advanced skills and tricks clinics are the perfect fit. Whether you're aiming to master the art of upwind, turning, jumping, riding waves, or performing basic tricks, our experienced instructors are here to help you reach your goals.

  1. Tailored Instruction: Benefit from personalized instruction geared towards your specific skill level and goals. Whether you're aiming for more airtime, mastering transitions, or conquering basic tricks, our instructors will provide targeted guidance to enhance your technique. Radio communication between instructors and riders makes it easy for real-time tuning.
  2. Prime Riding Conditions: Our spot offers the optimal conditions for intermediate riders. With flat, expansive waters and consistent winds, you'll have the perfect canvas to hone your skills and push your limits.
  3. Community of Experts: Surround yourself with the most experienced kitesurfers on Koh Phangan. Learn valuable insights, tips, and tricks from those who have mastered the art of kitesurfing in these idyllic waters.
  4. Progressive Challenges: Our clinics are designed to challenge and inspire. From refining your riding style to attempting basic tricks, each session will present new growth opportunities, ensuring that you leave with a sense of accomplishment and a toolkit of advanced skills.

Whether you're a beginner seeking the thrill of your first ride or an experienced kitesurfer hungry for new challenges, our clinics promise an immersive experience that combines skill-building, community engagement, and a whole lot of fun. Join us on Koh Phangan, where the wind and waves await your kitesurfing adventure!

One-Week Beginner Kitesurfing Package - 15,000 THB

Embark on an exhilarating kitesurfing adventure with our One-Week Beginner Kitesurfing Package priced at 15,000 THB. This immersive experience includes a structured Beginner to Rider course, consisting of three lessons, each spanning 2 hours. Additionally, enjoy 4 hours of hands-on riding practice with radio coaching and supervision, all while benefiting from the use of gear and expert instructions.

Lesson Outline:
1st Lesson:

  • On-land kitesurfing safety
  • Wind and kite theories
  • Equipment overview
  • Control system fundamentals
  • Basic kite control and behavior
  • Landing and launching techniques
  • Relaunching technique
  • Basic safety rescue procedures

2nd Lesson:

  • Kite power creation with downwind body drag, sideways body drag, and stop
  • Simulation of onboard water starts with a power stroke
  • Floating balance with the kite
  • Reaction training

3rd Lesson:

  • Water starts on the board
  • Riding while controlling proper power
  • Techniques for stopping
  • Self Practice:

Acclimatize to riding
Learn to walk back with the kite
Master the art of riding upwind

*Progression varies based on individual adaptation and physical levels

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One-Week Camp & Full Gear Unlimited Rental - 15,000 THB | Own Gear 5,000 THB

Elevate your skills with our One-Week Clinics & Full Gear Unlimited Rental package, also priced at 15,000 THB. This comprehensive offering includes top-of-the-line gear—kite, board, harness, and safety gear—along with progression tracking and upper beginner/intermediate instructions, all delivered with radio coaching and supervision.

Lesson Outline:

  • Master the best upwind and downwind techniques
  • Execute turns in both directions with tighter turns without losing your line
  • Learn advanced deep-water self-rescue techniques
  • Explore riding toe-side
  • Engage in basic jumping maneuvers
  • Unleash your creativity with basic tricks such as back rolls, front rolls, toe-side transitions, surface kite loops, toe-side down-loop transitions, jump transitions, board grabs, and hand drags

No Wind Guaranteed!
In the rare event of no wind during your scheduled kiting days, fear not! Convert your days into a plethora of enjoyable activities on our vibrant island. Choose from a diverse list of options:

  • Angthong Marine Park Exploration (2,200 THB)
  • Half Moon Festival Excursion (2,400 THB)
  • Jetski Adventure (30 minutes, 2,500 THB)
  • Kao Ra Hiking Trip (1,000 THB)
  • Safari Island Tour (1,500 THB)
  • Wakeboarding Thrills (30 minutes, 2,500 THB)
  • Muay Thai Lessons (700 THB per lesson)
  • Spa & Massage by Pure Relax (vary on service)
  • Beginner Windsurfing Lesson (1,500 THB)
  • SUP Adventure (1,200 THB)

For partial kite lessons, any unused credit will be applied toward subsequent activities. Cash refunds are not available, and any remaining credit can be utilized within one year from the last day of booking at Breeze Surf Club or during our kite trip on Koh Phangan.

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Group and Dates

  • 10-16th Feb
  • 17th-23rd Feb
  • 24th Feb -1st Mar
  • 2nd - 8th Mar
  • 9th - 15th Mar
  • 16th - 22nd Mar
  • 23rd - 29th Mar
  • 30th Mar - 5th Apr
  • 6th - 12th Apr