7 Days Kite & Accommodation Packages

One2Kite was one of few kite school started in Hua Hin over fifteen years ago, founded by Sam, Yo, Pop & Edwin. In 2008, they expanded their location to Koh Phangan, and with the help of Dani(Breeze owner), they settled at Phangan Beach Resort. Dani took over the One2Kite branch on Koh Phangan in 2012 and kept it running for one year. In 2013 he re-branded the kite school as Breeze Kiteboarding and had been growing in reputation and size since. Relocating to Relax beach resort in 2018 and Breeze surf club was built as a watersports community with lots of local members along with long-term tourists. Sharing our passion and enjoying fun activities together.

Dani, the creator of Breeze, has been an active resident of the island since 2006. He is a member of the Phangan Tourist association and considered to be the island weather guru. He is involved and supports many of the island activities. His passion for kitesurfing started in 2008 when he switches from windsurfing to kiteboarding. With American's mentality on the business, customer service is always number one. Dani's goal is the build the biggest kitesurfing and watersports community in Thailand.

1 Beginner Kite lesson + Accommodation + Transfer
- Garden View 800 x 7 = 5,600
- Lesson for 1 person = 15,000
Total: 20,600B ~ 588 Euro
2 Beginner Kite lessons + Accommodation + Transfer
- Garden View 800 x 7 = 5,600
- Lesson for 2 persons = 22,000
Total: 27,600B ~ 788 Euro - 394 euro per person
3 Beginner Kite lessons + Accommodation + Transfer
- Garden View Triple 1,000 x 7 = 7,000
- Lesson for 3 persons = 33,000
Total: 40,000B ~ 1,140 Euro - 13,333 ~ 380 Euro per person
2 Kite Rentals + Accommodation + Transfer
- Garden View 800 x 7 = 5,600
- Rental for 2 persons = 20,000
Total: 25,600B ~ 730 Euro ~ 365 euro per person
3 Kite Rentals + Accommodation + Transfer
- Garden View Triple 1,000 x 7 = 7,000
- Rental for 3 persons = 30,000
Total: 37,000B ~ 1,050 Euro ~ 350 euro per person
No Wind Guaranteed!
In the case of your arrival dates and we have NO WIND, you can convert your kiting days to enjoy many activities on our island for FREE! Here is the list of activities to choose from:
  • Phangan Bicycle 1200
  • My Wok & Me Thai cooking 1200
  • The Challenge 500
  • Slip N Fly 500
  • Orion Angthong Marine Park 2200 (1700)
  • Half Moon Festival 1400
  • Jetski Half hour 2,000
  • Kao Ra hiking trip 750
  • Safari Island tour 1200
  • Wakeboarding 30 minutes (EOA or Jetski)
  • Windsurfing 1500
  • SUP trip 1500
Breeze Community


Our surf club is a place where active people shared the passion of kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUP, and watersports. Our club members are resort owners, local business owners, Koh Phangan residents, and seasonal vacationers. We promote sports and recreation along with authentic Thai culture. Every day is always a fun day at Breeze.

Breeze is actively involved in many kiteboarding, watersports, and locals events. We are a member of the Kiteboarding Association of Thailand that participates and organizes kiteboarding competitions all around Thailand. Dani is also a member of KTA, Kite Tour Asia, organizing many significant kite events in Asia in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Red Bull King of the Air in Taiwan.

On Koh Phangan, Breeze Surf Club and four other watersports activities came together to create GET WET events that occur every two weeks. The events promote fun time with local families and tourists with activities and exciting watersports. We organize fundraising for local charities for each event to spread awareness of the environment, children, and animals.

Koh Phangan is well known for Full Moon Party where over 10,000 people visit the island to celebrate the full moon every month. Community group leaders form the association to organize local events and promote the island as a top Thailand tourist destination.
Kiteboarding is very popular amongst Thai athletes. Currently, six times Asian champion is held by Narapichit Pudla AKA Yo. KAT is sponsoring Thailand kiteboarding Olympic team along with help organizing competitions in Thailand.
Dani is part of the organizer of KTA event from design event promotional materials, part of the media team, safety crew, and KOTA competition judge. He travels all around Asia to assist at KTA's events.
Five watersports owners on Koh Phangan create a family-friendly event to promote community fun day and exciting watersports. Each event, sponsors donate prizes to raise funds for local charities.
Owner & Lead Instr.

Dani V.

Over 10 years of kitesurfing on Koh Phangan and the most hour kited in the history of Koh Phangan. He is considered as a trusty weatherman for the local and an expert in watersports

English & Thai
Senior Instructor


Moo was working with one2kite as a chef then turns into a beach boy. He learn his English on the beach. He is one of the best old school kiters on Koh Phangan and a well-qualified instructor for all Breeze's watersports.

English & Thai
Windsurf Instr.


Anek is an experienced windsurfer who attended Breeze Kite competitions for past years. Eventually, he relocated and calls Phangan his home. He is also a bartender for Heaven bar at Seaflower bungalow. It's always a fun time with him.

English & Thai
Club Manager


Tired of city life, Palm was searching for a fun and friendly place. He found Breeze in early 2019 and has been helping to manage the club along with enjoying lots of activities with our team. Anything you need at the surf club, just ask him.

English & Thai