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Complete kite set with bar + TT board + harness + safety equipment

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We provide Ozone Kites for rental, easy kite to fly and simple to relaunch. You can switch between sizes for the boards for light wind or for freestyle board. Safety gear includes; sunglasses, rashguards, long pants, impact vest, helmet and water shoes (available upon request)

  Ozone Kite & Control Bar

  Kiteboard 127-160 CM

  Harness & Safety Gear

1,400B hourly rental – 1,000B per hour if you keep the kite DRY (not droping the kite)
2,200B for 2 hours
2,500B for half day
4,000B for full day

* 1-hour minimum for rental. Must has good kite control and riding ability. We will refuse rental to accessive crashing of the kite. Kite damage charge will be apply in case of an accident cause by rider.

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Time Lenght:

1 hour, 2 hours, Half Day, Full Day


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